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Questions answered about Astroplot charts.

Questions answered about Astroplot purchase and delivery.

Questions answered about Astroplot charts.

The daily astroplot chart updated on this website is valid worldwide

The daily astroplot chart updated on this website is a universal reference for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The RA plot of celestial bodies across the Zodiac constellations presented on the daily Astroplot chart is valid wherever you live on the Earth.

The Astroplot chart has a circle calendar, is that what I refer to plot the dates the Sun moves across the Zodiac constellations?

Instructions on how to refer to the calendar is describe on the reference page.

The 12 charts round the central Astroplot calendar, how do I use it as a reference to plot the sky for any 24 hour period throughout the year?

You may have missed the Astroplot chart reference page on this website. Go to astroplot reference to see how to refer to an Astroplot chart and relate it to the sky you observe.

What is the longitude and latitude of the monthly star charts that are illustrated on the Astroplot chart?

The Longitude and latitude for the Astroplot chart was based on the location of Sydney, Australia. Longitude 151 East, Latitude 34 South. This latitude was selected because it is determined to be an average latitude that meets the major population areas in the Southern Hemisphere Countries: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America.

How much of the sky can I see compared to a sky chart?

Each sky chart represents the whole sky, with the edge of the circle being the horizon.

I live in Perth, where our time zone is 2 hours behind Sydney. Will this 2 hour difference effect the start time and views using the 'Clock Process' on the Astroplot chart?

Time is coordinated with the rotation of the Earth. When the Sun sets at 8 pm in Sydney, two hours later in Perth, the Sun will set at around 8 pm. The same stars that rose above the Sydney horizon at 10 PM will also rise above the Perth horizon at 10 pm. The rise and set times of stars are not exactly comparable from one time zone to the next. Variance occurs because longitude for a time zone is wide, and latitude also causes a difference. However, for a general guide of sky views across the Southern Hemisphere, the Astroplot 'Clock Process' is relevant to your place and time.

What is the day of the month that reflects the sky at exactly 8 PM for each monthly sky chart?

Each chart per month reflects the sky at 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the 15th of the month. For daylight saving months, a reflection of the sky at 9 PM is illustrated. Selecting the 15th as the base chart was a means to give an average reflection of the sky over a month period. The variance of the sky view from the 1st of the month, compared to the middle 15th of the month, is minus 60 minutes. At the other end of the range, on the 30th of the month, there is a variance of plus 60 minutes.

The Orion constellation on the chart is not the usual configuration, how come?

As described on the Astroplot chart, Orion is configured for Southern Hemisphere observers viewpoint, which is upside down compared to the Northern Hemisphere viewpoint. Check a range of astronomy books and you will find constellation configurations vary. However, there are constellation boundaries which constellations should be drawn within. Astroplot constellations are drawn within the specified constellation boundaries.

Can you use Astroplot for dates in the past? Asked by Belinda Jasper.

Yes, Astroplot is a reference for past and present dates, being a perpetual sky calendar. For example, let us compare two people who are born on the same day of the year. Person one is born in 1970, while person two is born in 2010. Both refer to the centre calendar to align a date with the ecliptic to see where the Sun is in the Zodiac on their birthday. When an astronomy plot program is referred to compare the 40 years of time difference, there is a minuscule, indistinguishable and insignificant variation.

Alright, to get particular, taking precession into account, the Zodiac is measured to shift one degree clockwise along the ecliptic every 74 years. Therefore, someone born in 1930, eighty years ago, would be plotted a degree, or a day, clockwise on the centre calendar ecliptic. Keep in mind a finger pointer relevant to the Astroplot calendar is about 4 degrees wide, so the difference is relatively insignificant.

When is an Astroplot of the Northern Hemisphere going to be published?

An Astroplot of the Northern Hemisphere is currently being designed. The schedule for publication and distribution of the Northern Hemisphere Astroplot will be June 2011.

Why aren't the Astroplot sky charts the typical layout? Astronomy sky charts usually have east and west around the other way?

Having a chart with east and west plotted the opposite to a geographical map confuses and disorientates the average person. Astroplot sky charts are referred to as mirror projections. Such a projection allows people to read the sky charts as they would a map Traditional sky charts have to be physically orientated according to the direction faced by the viewer to get their bearings. The examples below illustrate the two sky chart types.

Standard Sky Chart

East and West are not map orientation

Astroplot Sky Chart - Mirror Projection

East and West are map orientation

Questions answered about Astroplot purchase and delivery.

How many days does an Astroplot order take to be delivered?

From receiving and processing your ordering to delivery, you should receive your Astroplot package within 7 days.Your Astroplot chart and receipt will be included in a mailing tube, delivered by Australia Post.

Can I order more than three Astroplot charts in an order?

The maximum order by post, at regular delivery rates is three Astroplots. More than three Astroplots in a mail-tube, exceeds the maximum weight for postage. Larger orders can be delivered. Please contact the administrator by email and describe your special order request, so a price for delivery can be arranged.

I am the bursar at a school and would like to purchase Astroplots for the school. Is sufficient documentation supplied so GST deductions can be actuated? Can you include our order number on the receipt?

GST is included in the price of Astroplot orders. A invoice/receipt in the deliver stipulates the GST cost component and Astroplot ABN certification. A reference to your order number can also be included. Such a specific receipt should be requested by email to the Administrator at astroplot@astroplot.com Or include the request if the payment and order is sent by snail mail.