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AstroAIMS : Astrology Integral Measure Support advocates reformation of the astrology calendar. An update is required so astrology star sign dates align with the Gregorian calendar and astronomy measures.

  Astrology's Lost Plot Watch a 4 minute animation on YouTube
  The animation illustrates why the astrology calendar is a month out of alignment, and how it lost the plot with the actual location of the Sun in the Zodiac. Watch the passage of the Sun during a year to realize how space coordinates were derived and relate as a measure of time. Observe the Moon pass across the 12 zodiac constellations every month. Comprehend astronomy and astrology terms by examining planet conjunction and retrograde occurrences.
Links to interesting sites about astronomy

NASA Space

Visit the NASA site with a comprehensive range of subjects, space photography and the history of past and current space exploration.

Atlas of the Universe

See what the whole Universe looks like. 3D maps show where the Sun is in our Galaxy.

Star Maps

View star maps for any location, time and date you enter. A fantastic site with views and information about the universe. Including real time satellite images of weather on Earth.

Star Info

Information about stars, constellations and calendars indicating planet locations.

Moon Phase

View the phase of the Moon for any date and time. Find the moon phase when you were born.


Explore the US Navy site where there is are range of information that assists in navigation and aids useful to find your way around the sky.

Space Weather

Live space weather such as sun spots, the magnetosphere and aura updates. Notice how the sun affects Earth.