Responses from people who have an Astroplot

Your impression of Astroplot is welcome. Share comments such as how Astroplot aids your stargazing, or presents an overview of the annual cycle.

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Now I can recognise all the Zodiac constellations in the sky. With my astroplot wall chart and by checking the daily sky plots on the astroplot website, I refer to the Moon and planets as pointers to confirm Zodiac locations. Michael Reidy


A beautiful piece of functional art and science. The rich purples are divine, 12 circles and the perfect circle of gold; very feng shui. Amber Osborne


Our classroom has an Astroplot on the wall. We look at it to see where we are at or will be as Earth orbits. The clockwork of the universe and year is amazing. Rebecca Morley


I often observe the stars. Having an Astroplot chart so I can get my bearings and locate the stars puts everything into perspective. Stuart Hinchcliffe


When I go outside on clear nights and stargaze, for any time and date, I check my astroplot so I am on track with the sky. Keith Novak


There was an Astroplot chart at our school camp which helped us to get to know the names of the stars and constellations. We followed the clock process, then checked the sky to find the main stars. Danny Parsons


I am an astrologer who has converted to sidereal astrology, due to the Astroplot chart. What a revelation, my astrology is now relevant to the sky. Before, my forecasts never aligned with the actual locations of celestial bodies. Alyssa D'Elboux


The Astroplot poster chart reached me in Townsville, Queensland, 3 days after I purchased on the web. I found a use for the solid tube it comes in as well. Terry Latimer